PrintForward Training Programs

WSBC Joint Health and Safety Committee Training


One of the answers to “Why be a member of PrintForward?” is the professional development they offer to their membership. Many organizations offer networking opportunities as well as awards or discount on retail stores; however, PrintForward has fully embraced the question, “What value can we bring to our members above what other typical organizations might do?”

As a safety trainer, advisor, speaker, and auditor, I believe one the of reasons workers get injured is lack of understanding or training. The value of the workshop training that PrintForward can offer to its members is priceless. We think about safety when it comes to high hazard environments like construction, oil and gas or forestry, but we seem to forget that musculoskeletal injuries (MSI) are one of the leading costs of incidents reported to WorkSafeBC. These types of injuries effect the low and moderate hazard workplaces such as offices, warehouses, and the printing industry.

For example, just because an employer is considered a lower hazard workplace, does not keep them from following Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislation to have a joint health and safety committee, educate their workers on the hazards they work with, what to do in an emergency or exposure to chemicals in the workplace. This training is the responsibility of the employer and is legislated. When workers and employers are not educated, we usually see more injuries which drive up claims cost for the employer. This is because employers are not sure how to prevent the injuries or manage a claim when there is an injury.

PrintForward was one the of the leading organizations when the joint health and safety committee mandatory training came out in 2017. They hired me to come in and perform training for any printing company that was interested. The courses sold out quickly! Once the courses were completed, the attendees began to seek out more safety training to educate themselves – to make the most of their committee meetings and how to help their companies work safe and meet the legislation.

PrintForward has asked me, what other training is available for the industry? What training are they required to have to meet their due diligence? We are now offering WHMIS 2015 training, incident investigation, how to conduct an inspection, supervisor’s responsibilities, and more.

Each class is designed to be interactive, informative, and fun. Workers are coming out of the classes thankful and having more understanding of their responsibilities and how to use their time more effectively and efficiently. The result of workers being more educated, working safer, and working more effectively and efficiently also increases morale and production and decreases of claims costs. In a world where costs and production numbers are tight, companies who are educating workers in safety are finding their profit margins increase.

Tanya Steele, CHSC, RCSO, CSS, is a well-respected and sought-after trainer in the safety profession.