The Value of Membership –
PrintForward, Printing and Imaging Association

Membership in an industry association like PrintForward provides exceptional value for the member when the association delivers on what the member needs and wants, and the member makes productive use of the resources and services delivered.  PrintForward, Printing and Imaging Association is committed to providing high value and helping our members grow and prosper.

Our Unique Value Proposition

For printers and print industry companies, PrintForward provides resources, a voice to government, education programs and networking opportunities that are specific and unique to the industry.

Unlike other associations, PrintForward delivers valuable print industry-specific solutions that are only accessible through membership and through its affiliations with the Canadian Printing and Imaging Association (CPIA), the Printing Industries of America (PIA), the BC Alliance of Manufacturing, and other industry resources such as

What We Deliver

PrintForward provides industry-specific services to members (and to non-members at an additional cost).   These services include

  • education programs, such as colour management, pre-press, estimating, sales and marketing, Lean and Quality Management, and much more;
  • social events, such as an annual industry golf tournament, an annual Festive dinner, and a number of networking events throughout the year;
  • access to resources through group membership programs with other affiliated organizations and associations;
  • benefits, such as insurance programs tailored for the industry;
  • industry advocacy and government relationship building;
  • PressLines, the only Western Canadian Print Industry magazine

PrintForward is committed to continually improving and evolving within the marketplace.  We regularly assess what members want and need from the association; and then we deliver on those needs and wants.

  • We provide market targeted education programs and opportunities for our members (and non-members at an additional cost).
  • We support progressive leadership within the industry and are focused on promoting and advancing the best interests of the printing industry in Western Canada.
  • We offer our members one of the most dynamic partnership arrangements of any association in North America; supporting members with access to CPIA, PIA, BC Alliance of Manufacturers, and

Our Values Statement

  • PrintForward provides leadership and guidance in ensuring that acceptable business ethics and conduct are understood and followed.
  • PrintForward conducts its business with honesty and integrity.
  • PrintForward is an inclusive organization that is focused on reaching out to members and non members industry-wide within Western Canada.
  • PrintForward values training and education for the industry and supports that through its efforts.
  • PrintForward is committed to its community and values feedback and input from stakeholders.

As the largest printing industry association located in Western Canada, PrintForward, Printing and Imaging Association provides access to industry educational programs. The value for print industry business owners comes from access, and connection, to peers in the industry and to highly skilled industry professionals.

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