Letter from Affinity Partner

Pacific Printing Industry Association


I worked in the world of law and legal associations before joining the Pacific Printing Industry Association (PPI). Lawyers can be quite competitive with each other and their professional clashes are meant to draw blood, but as an association, they are quite congenial. They approach joining their professional association as a duty and a way to connect with others in the industry. Their motto is “stronger together”.

As I get more involved in the print industry (now six months in), I truly believe that motto can be applied to any trade association – and is especially applicable to those working in visual communications. The only way to survive any industry upheaval is through unified strength, and that is what PPI and PrintForward can offer its members. At the core of the networking events, the award shows, the educational programming, is the intention to build the strength of the print industry. While you may meet your competition at these functions, you will also build relationships that you can call on when you have questions or issues as well as find others who are facing some of the same challenges and obstacles. Listening to others with the same experiences can energize you and make you feel less alone. Keeping up with your peers on changes in the industry can help you find ways to collaborate and thrive.

As your neighbour to the south, PPI would like to cement a stronger relationship with PrintForward and its members. We want to create a cohesive cross-border guild which brings more value to your clients as you extend your own reach and opportunity. We want to hold social events where we can meet, relax, network and share best practices. We hope to share information on trends and forecasts as it relates to PrintForward members and, in turn, hope that you share your perspective and experience with us, your neighbours to the south. Most of all, we hope to become stronger, together.

Kristin Baldwin is Executive Director of PPI – a thriving, non-profit, trade association serving members that design and produce print, visual and graphic products. PPI promotes the individuals and companies they serve while providing a variety of benefits, resources, and cost-saving programs. PPI is based in Portland, Oregon.