Meet WorkSafeBC Requirement and Save Money! Improve Scheduling!

PrintForward is offering a well-priced training session: if you have a six-member health and safety committee at your plant it would cost you double the member price to provide this required training and all your staff would likely need to attend the same day (and that’s if you could find a certified trainer).  We have negotiated a good price with a WSBC certified trainer and are offering the 8-hours training session over four separate days so that you can ‘split-schedule’ committee members to attend (and minimize the impact on your operations).

Did you know that effective April 3, 2017, WorkSafe BC passed new regulations related to Joint Health and Safety Committees in BC and the training that must be provided to committee members?


Mandatory requirements under section 135 of the Act and section 3.27 of the Regulation mean that you need to provide 8 hours of training for each Joint Health and Safety Committee member who is either new to the committee or who requests training be made available.  The training must be provided by a qualified and certified trainer (and these are hard to find!).


If your company has a workforce of 20 or more employees you are required to have a Joint Health and Safety Committee that meets the requirements of WorkSafe BC.  If your company has less than 20 employees, there are still requirements that you must follow.


To provide value to our members, PrintForward has scheduled four day-long workshops this fall for member companies (and non-members if space available).  By filling classes to a maximum of 24 people per workshop, we are able to offer this training at less than half of what it would cost you to do this in-house.  The additional benefit is that you don’t have to send all of your committee members to one class – you can break out the attendance over the four workshop dates so that the impact on your operations is minimized!

We expect these sessions to sell out fast.  Register today by checking out our events calendar for the date you want to attend (see dates in table below).  Classes must be pre-paid and are not refundable.  Wait lists will be maintained and, if demand for more classes necessitates, we’ll schedule more dates.


Dates                                    Location                                                              Cost
                                                                                                Member                              Non Member
October 20                       Richmond – Spicers                         $175                                      $275
November 29                   Burnaby – Hemlock                          $175                                      $275
November 30                   Burnaby – Ricoh                               $175                                      $275
December 7                     Vancouver – Xerox                             $175                                      $275