CPIA Response to COVID-19, Resources for Members

To our Association Members,

We are facing an unprecedented moment for the printing industry in Canada as organizations grapple with protecting staff and families from the spread of COVID-19, while working to mitigate the economic impact the outbreak is having on their business.

Regional and national health authorities are providing hourly updates to this rapidly evolving global health crisis. Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments are using every legislative and financial tool at their disposal to reduce the spread of the virus and minimize the resulting economic fallout. Our industry, like every sector, is feeling an immediate impact which is expected to last for months.

The Canadian Printing Industries Association Board of Directors, consisting of representatives of six regional print associations across Canada, convened a conference call on Friday March 21st, 2020, to discuss ways to support our members during this critical time.

First, we want to support members of our industry with useful and relevant information that can assist their individual responses to COVID-19 outbreak. We have assembled this information, with links to important online resources, over the following two pages. 

Second, there is significant concern among our industry members of the short and long-term impacts the COVID-19 outbreak will have on the overall health of our industry. We recognize that the CPIA has an important role to play in engaging our Federal Government on our collective economic importance and interests. The CPIA also has a role to play in facilitating the efforts between our regional associations members as they engage their local and Provincial governments on their COVID-19 response measures. 

We’d like your feedback with specific questions, requests or feedback which can be incorporated into our communications with Federal and Provincial governments. Please email us at admin@cpia-aci.ca. We will also work in partnership with regional associations to facilitate conference calls to enable members of our industry to voice their concerns, observations and share ideas on how our industry can manage through the challenging days, weeks and months ahead. 

Thank you on behalf of the Board of Directors of the CPIA

Richard Kouwenhoven
Chair, CPIA

Additional Resources